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Camposol cares. We honor and safeguard the relationship between our farms, our partners and the families who enjoy the fruits of our labor.

We grow our fruit with love – love of the earth, of our invaluable team and our partners around the world – to ensure that our partners and the families they serve have the best food that nature can provide. We consider you part of our family and want to share our love with your customers so you can continue to thrive.

As one of the few vertically-integrated global produce companies, we are able to ensure complete internal control of our supply chain from our own farms to the supermarket shelf to provide you with sustainably-produced fruits your customers can trust.

Our entire team, at our farms, packing plants and offices, work towards our shared goal of creating the highest quality and the freshest, most tasty and delicious fruits to our partners to ensure you can best serve your customers. Our commitment to innovation, consistency, traceability and integrity ensures our fruits meet your needs. We are a company with a strong moral purpose, providing high-quality jobs and a superior product while remaining good stewards of our human and natural resources. And we are forever focused on our primary goal: Providing the best and healthiest food for families around the world.

With operations in Peru, Colombia and Uruguay, Camposol now employs more than 16,000 workers in high season. Our current sustainably portfolio includes blueberries, avocados, table grapes, mangoes, mandarins, and shrimp from our farms in Marinasol, the major shrimp grower in Peru.

According to The Merco Talent 2018 study, a universally respected metric for corporate excellence in the Spanish-speaking world, Camposol is one of the leading organizations for attracting and holding talent. We employ the best, and they stay with us.


Absolutely love this product! I have been back to Giant several times to buy more! Ther are like eating Candy! Thank you so much!

— Karen Dazic

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From farm to family, Camposol provides premium quality, healthy and tasty fruit enjoyed breakfast, lunch, and dinner and quick snacking. Here’s a detailed look at the food we produce.

Latest News

Apr 08 2019
Camposol opens a clinical lab at the Nuevo Chao Health Center

Along with its social commitment, Camposol opened a new clinical lab at the Nuevo Chao Health Center (in the district of Chao, province of Virú) for the benefit of its collaborators and the general community.

Apr 03 2019
Camposol Holding Plc. reports record fourth quarter and preliminary full year 2018 financial results

Camposol Holding’ s 2018 record EBITDA from continuing operations amounted to USD 150.2 million, up 19.7% compared to previous year.