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From Farm to Family: Get To Know Our Farms

Posted On: February 26, 2019

From blueberries to avocados, our high production of quality produce has led us to become a multinational, with operations and offices in six countries and consumers in more than 40. But that’s not the only recognition we’re proud of. For over a decade we’ve remained consistent in our dedication to and passion for each of the factors that make us who we are: our team, community, the surrounding natural environment and you.

Don’t just take our word for it when we say We Care, From Farm to Family –let us show you so you can experience it.



Our company farms are located in the sunny north of Peru, and over time we’ve even grown to operate in Colombia and Uruguay in order to ensure that you can have the best selection of fresh fruit all year long. While each land is dedicated to a different variety of produce however, the foundation and values upheld are the same.



Piura, a city along the country’s northern coast, has a unique subtropical climate just right for cultivating mouth-watering mangoes and juicy grapes. Perhaps it comes as no surprise that we farm shrimp along the warm Pacific shores of this northwestern city, as the local seafood cuisine is renowned throughout Peru.

Nearly 270 miles south of Piura, in an area just outside of Trujillo city, we enjoy a rich harvest of blueberries, avocado, and mandarins. Looking out at the hectares of lush trees and bushes one almost forgets that the area of Chao was once a desert.



Our farms in Uruguay and Colombia are dedicated to cultivating mandarins and avocado, respectively. Expanding was a sustainable solution for us in order to provide you, the consumer, with in-season fruit for longer periods of the year.



No matter where they’re harvested, each of our products are grown with care, which we can ensure as we manage each stage of growth ourselves. From harvest to distribution, it’s a team effort to provide you with the best food nature can provide. After all, we’d only want to nourish our family with the best, so why would we offer you anything different?

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