Camposol Cares from Farm to Family


Camposol strives for leading-edge social and environmental responsibility policies. We are certified in the areas of food quality and safety, occupational health, sustainability, safe trade and labor relations. Since 2008 we have been active members of The United Nations Global Compact, which encourages businesses worldwide to adopt sustainable and socially responsible policies and reports their performance according to GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) indicators.

Our commitment to the consumer, the planet, the community and our workers means offering products without genetically modified organisms (we are non-GMO); providing a fair relationship to our employees; and caring for the environment in a community where there was once only a desert.

Camposol’s social-responsibility concerns include our team members’ well being on and off the job. We provide a vast complex of programs covering workplace safety, maternity leave and education for the children of team members.

Environmental care is also part of our corporate DNA. Our methods and strategies are carefully chosen to reduce environmental contamination. We are privileged to work in a beautiful land where delicate ecosystems must be preserved and low-impact farming practices are essential.

All of Camposol’s fields employ drip irrigation powered by gravity. Fertilizer and pesticides are applied sparingly when needed through irrigation water, and organic materials are added to the soil to provide nutrients. We have invested heavily in research and development focused on natural pest control and other areas that improve sustainability and quality. Our biological control system prioritizes the natural management of pests and the use of beneficial organisms.